General Questions

  • What is Monocomsoft?

    Monocomsoft is a software product company developing next generation office and marketing automation apps. Led by a team of highly experienced industry experts, it is building products to solve the common problems of workplaces.

  • Can I try App before I buy?

    Yes. We encourage every user to try our fully-functional trial version before they purchase the license key - Download App to get trial version.

  • What is the restriction in trial?

    Save functionality is disabled in trial version however you can use all other features of the product. Buy a license key to enable the save function in your product.

  • What's the validity of the license key?

    Minimum 1 year to lifetime. License keys are valid for One to Three year(s) or a Lifetime, depending on the type of license purchased with guaranteed free updates and continuous support with easy renewals.

  • How do I get technical support?

    For any technical support or demo please connect with our support team through contact page of our website or in-app form.

  • How can I buy a license key?

    Visit our product page to buy the software license through trusted payment gateways.

  • How do I get my license key?

    Upon successful payment, you get an auto-generated email instantly with valid license key on the registered email address.

  • How can I transfer my license to another PC ?

    When you register the app with a valid license key, you get a user dashboard on the top right side of the app. User dashboard allows you to check your license validity and activate or deactivate the license.

  • How do I receive invoices for purchase?

    You get an auto-generated email with sale invoice right after making the payment.

  • Are you GDPR Compliant?

    We abide by the privacy and GDPR compliance laws.

  • How much does it cost?

    Visit our website pricing section for more buying and pricing options.

  • What is the standard response time for resolution of my support ticket?

    Your association is valuable to us. Our support team takes maximum of 2 to 3 business days for software related issue resolution.

  • How do I get my refund?

    Please refer to refund policy on our website for more information.

  • Is There a Discount for Open Source Community?

    Yes, Monocomsoft is an ardent supporter of open source projects. We have a Flat 50% discount for open source community. To avail an open source discount for your company or project, please send over your website and or project link. As soon as we’ve confirmed your status, we’ll apply the 50% discount to all your future payments.