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MS Outlook Email Extractor

MS Outlook Email Extractor is built to extract emails from Outlook inbox, sent, draft, and personal folders. It's powerful PST extractor allows users to quickly extract emails from large PST files. Outlook Extractor is a feature-packed smart email scraping tool and supports all versions of Outlook & Office 365.

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Product Overview

MS Outlook Email Extractor is specially built to extract email address from outlook inbox, sent, draft, deleted and other custom folders. It searches through email headers (To, From, Cc, Bcc) and message body to extract email ids. One of its smart features is a built-in PST extractor useful in adding external PST files to Outlook for email extraction. You can also isolate bounced emails from extracted email lists to create a clean mailing list. Monocomsoft Outlook Email Extractor allows users to add multiple extraction tasks simultaneously to extract email addresses from outlook profiles and PST files. It has a unique feature called "custom date filters" to fetch emails exchanged between any selected dates or period. The Outlook Extractor software supports exporting Outlook emails to multiple file formats, such as Excel, CSV, and TXT files. It is one of the best email extractor software to retrieve office 365 emails.

Extract Emails from PST Files

Add external PSTs through PST Extractor to retrieve email addresses found within them.

Parse Emails From Folders

Collect all your emails from outlook custom folders, profiles and outlook 365 emails.

Smart Listing of Emails

Outlook Email ids Extractor lists and arranges emails as To, From or Folders type.

Custom Email Extraction

Built-in feature to get all office email addresses exchanged between specific dates.

Advance Filters and Sorting

User friendly shortcuts for quick sorting of emails by subject line, domain, region and dates.

File Saving Options

Export office email ids as .csv, excel or .txt files.

How it is Beneficial for
Your Business ?

Business Email Extraction

Extract email addresses from outlook to get all your business leads.

Back Up Outlook emails

Extract emails from outlook to create a back up of PST file.

Retrieve Your Outlook PST Emails

Gather business email addresses and generate business leads through email marketing.

Collect Your Office 365 Emails

Attach large pst files and gather all your email addresses as mailing list.

Data Management

Why Should you Choose MS Outlook Email Extractor ?

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Value for Money

It offers unmatched value proposition in terms of affordability and usefulness.

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Recover Emails From PST File

Get emails from all types of OST/PST files.

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Fast & Accurate

Grab emails instantly with razor sharp accuracy.

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Easy Upgrade

Free software upgrade for licensed users.

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How to install MS Outlook Email Extractor on Windows and MacOS ?

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Data Management

Mailbox Data Scraper Comparison

  • Extract Email Addresses
  • Extract from Email Headers
  • Extract from Email Text
  • Extract Date wise
  • Extract Seen/Unseen
  • Extract from Google Accounts
  • Extract from Hotmail Accounts
  • Extract from Yahoo Accounts
  • Extract from Outlook.com Accounts
  • Extract from MS Outlook Profiles
  • Extract from PST Files
  • Data Cleanup Utility
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to TXT

Product General FAQs

Monocomsoft Outlook Email Extractor is an email address extractor from outlook Inbox, Outlook Folders, Outlook Profiles and PST files.

Visit and Watch our YouTube product Video Tutorials & Help Manuals on how to use MS Outlook Email Extractor software.

MS Outlook Email Extractor, among other things, provide users the option to remove bounced emails from the mailing list, making it the only software to have incorporated this feature.

Yes, it can extract any PST file, It does also extract emails from partially corrupted or damaged PST file.

There is no limit. It can extract any PST size Microsoft supports.

Yes, MS Outlook Email Extractor provides a feature within filters tab to choose particular dates to extract specific emails exchanged between those dates.

No, there is no limit. It can extract unlimited emails.

Yes. You can gather all your emails in a single csv or excel and save it in local drive or folder.

Yes. You can extract multiple Outlook accounts and profiles simultaneously.

Yes, you need to download outlook software if not already installed.

Video Tutorial & Help Manuals

How to extract emails from Outlook PST files and folders ?

1. Download software Click Here

2. Install and Open Software


3. Enter Email ID & Password and click on Login to access app workspace.

4. If you are a new user, click on "New User Signup Here" link to open Registration Form.


5. Enter your Name & Email ID and click on "Get Verification Code" button to get an OTP code on your email.

6. Fill required details along with "Verification Code" and click on "SIGNUP" to register as an active user.

NOTE: A single account works across all monocomsoft apps.

1. Click On "Add" button and choose "Outlook Profiles Mailbox Folders" option.


2. Now select the Outlook Profile and click on "Load" button.


3. After loading click on "Add" button.

1. Click On "Add" button and choose "PST Files Mailbox Folders" option.


2. Now add the PST files by clicking on " " icon and click on "Load" button.


3. After loading click on "Add" button.

1. Click 'Filter' to open advance filter dialog and select "Filter Emails" option to cleanup emails by domain and user name.


2. Now Select the filters and click on "APPLY" Button.


3. Click 'Filter' to open advance filter dialog and select "Filter Subject" option to cleanup emails by subject.


2. Now fill the details and click on "APPLY" Button.


1. Click 'Save' to export extracted data to .txt files or .csv files.


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