How to install Windows apps on MacOS?


Our all apps are simple to install and easy-to-use. Installing them on Mac OS is recommended to be done with the Parallels Desktop application, which is one of the robust programs to run Windows on Mac OS. Once you are ready to install the extractor with your Windows PC or on your Parallels application on Mac OS, here is how one must proceed with the installation and using the extractor software.

Step 1 :

Download our app and begin the setup. The app will be downloaded as a zipped or rar file; you may need to unzip it and select the option of running it with Parallels Desktop in Mac OS.

Step 2 :

Once the installation wizard shows up, the next action is clicking next to proceed and read the licence agreement to proceed further.

Step 3 :

The installation completes and takes you to the main workspace window.

Once the installation is done, you are greeted with a login/sign-up screen that asks for your login ID and password credentials. Once you have successfully signed-up, follow the steps below to start using the application.