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MS Web Email Extractor

MS Web Email Extractor is an email hunter to fetch email addresses from websites and urls in bulk. Built to search through urls or web pages to hunt emails and export them to excel file as a list. Equipped with an advanced filter screen to remove unwanted emails. It's fast, easy & useful tool.

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Product Overview

Finding verified leads for Start-up and small businesses is a daunting task. But not anymore, with Monocomsoft’s Web Email collector tool, one can simply gather thousands of email contacts from various websites, webpages, URLs and from files containing URLs. Web Email Extractor allows users to build unlimited email list for free using publicly available data on the web. It comes bundled with custom filters to refine, optimize and filter search results. Web Email Extractor is a most popular tool for email harvesting by business people. Whether it is service or product, it is a must have tool if you are looking to start a new business and building a client list.

Extract Emails From Websites

Gather and grow email address lists only from websites, webpages and URLs.

Support Multiple Websites

Run multiple quick or deep scan of the webpages or URLs for emails in a single click.

Extract Emails From Online

Extract emails from any website

Duplicate Emails Check

Auto filters out any duplicate emails.

Quick Filters

Quick shortcuts for advance sorting and filtering of emails and phone numbers by domain, region etc

File Saving Options

Save collected data as .csv, excel or .txt file.

How it is Beneficial for
Your Business ?

Local Business Leads Search

Find email addresses through multiple websites, URLs or webpages and generate local business leads.

Inexpensive Lead Extractor

It gives fast and precise results thus saving users both time and efforts which results in extra savings each year.

Increase Global Presence

Trying to build an online presence across continents? Gather large pool of emails from multiple websites and URLs and build a mailing list of prospects for marketing and promotional campaigns.

Gather Worldwide Email Data

From retail, pharmaceutical, automobile or publishing firms in USA to real estate or manufacturing organisations in Canada, Generate free email contacts data.

Data Management

Why Should you Choose MS Web Email Extractor ?

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Value for Money

MS Web Email Extractor offers great value for money

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Worldwide Database

Get access to the global email database.

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Fast & Accurate

Built for multi search, grab emails quickly with great accuracy.

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Easy Upgrade

Free software upgrade for licensed users.

Simple & Flexible Pricing

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How to install MS Web Email Extractor on Windows and MacOS ?

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Data Management

Web Data Extractors Comparison

  • Extract Email Addresses
  • Extract Phone Numbers
  • Extract from Websites
  • Extract via Urls
  • Extract from Search Engines
  • Extract via Keywords
  • Data Cleanup Utility
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to TXT

Product General FAQs

MS website email extractor collects emails from any website, URL or webpage.

Visit our product help page for video tutorials on how to use web email extractor software.

Monocomsoft web email extractor is a website scraping tool to extract emails from any website, URL or webpage with even razor sharp accuracy and atomic speed.

No, it does not. To extract phone contacts from websites, please check out our MS Phone and Email Extractor tool.

There is no limit. It can extract unlimited emails from web.

No, keywords search feature is only available in MS phone and email extractor app.

No, there is no limit. It can extract unlimited emails.

We accept all requests for product customization or feature enhancement through our website contact or In-App contact form.

MS Web Email Extractor has the ability to extract thousands of emails and execute multiple tasks in few minutes.

This is a windows application. If you are looking to run it on any Mac device, you need to install Parallels Desktop.

How to extract emails with MS Web Email Extractor ?



1. Download software Click Here

2. Install and Open Software


3. Enter Email ID & Password and click on Login to access app workspace.

4. If you are a new user, click on "New User Signup Here" link to open Registration Form.


5. Enter your Name & Email ID and click on "Get Verification Code" button to get an OTP code on your email.

6. Fill required details along with "Verification Code" and click on "SIGNUP" to register as an active user.

NOTE: A single account works across all monocomsoft apps.

Enter website url or paste url list manually.


1. Click 'Load' to fetch and list URLs from a file.


2. Select file and click 'Open'.


Click 'Filter' to open advance filter dialog to cleanup extracted data. You can filter emails by domain and user name. Also you can filter emails by content.


Click 'Save' to export extracted data to .txt files or .csv files.


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