Email marketing

How to engage and retain customers through Email Marketing ?


It’s harder to win over your new customers, so now is an ideal time to focus on keeping those you already have. Speaking of which, even during challenging times, the entire process can cost around 16x more to get a new customer than retain the current one. Retention comprises many moving channels, pieces, and metrics. However, overall, it boils away to one primary goal: deepening your customers’ connection and increasing engagement to your brand.

Did you know that email is your most potent marketing channel and the best way to strengthen your customer relationship? So, let’s run through some of the top ways you can lean on email marketing to engage with your customers and retain them simultaneously.

1. Audit your automated emails

Take a glance through the tone and copy of your automated messaging to ensure this matches the tone of all your current moments, and then speak to every existing customer. Having said that, this is also an ideal time to evaluate your recent client journey and every outgoing process through the eyes of existing customers to see if you can offer any extra support through email marketing.

Thank you and appreciation emails

With thoughts of over-cluttering inboxes, executed and well-timed thank you notes can take you a long way, particularly post-purchase.

2. It helps build your segmentation

Every one of us is being inundated with emails at the moment. Double-check the list segmentation or re-adjust your levers to ensure you are not overwhelming clients who aren’t as engaged or interested in you right now. Here, don’t worry; there’s an opportunity to bring them back into your brand’s world. However, for now, err on the side of caution. Moreover, there are several ways to segment the audience, but segmenting by client engagement can be beneficial to slice the audience with retention goals.

Promoters, very active users, active buyers

Your brand’s biggest fan should get the red carpet's attention and treatment with personalized emails on the basis of their actions or purchases.

3. Leave a good note

Whether one is in SaaS, travel, hospitality, or retail, several companies are losing clients right now. And, while witnessing a customer leave may hurt now, you must be handling such a step of your clients’ lifecycle with empathy and grace.

Optimize your cancellation confirmation emails

If you’re into such a process, you would never want your clients to leave with bad experiences, so make sure your cancellation confirmation emails are thoughtful and friendly and offer opportunities for them to get back in touch with you.

4. Think about bringing lapsed customers at the right time

What is your plan for turning churned clients into active buyers? Well, when the time comes, adhering to the right strategy can bring back your clients compassionately and thoughtfully, allowing your business to quickly ramp again. Moreover, it provides a good cushion when activation or retention goals may still be less than desirable.

In the end, one of the best reactivation campaigns or win back is founded on ideal segmentation. You might want to utilize the general lists to take control of the retention course. However, start somewhere. And once you have achieved that, you might want to segment your communications for those reasons.