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Oftentimes small businesses and startups find it difficult to sell online, reach out to their partners or generate new leads for the business. All is possible with the help of our suite of products that offer speed, accuracy & affordability.

No more struggle with tedious and monotonous tasks.
MonocomSoft brings to you automation tools that are versatile in design and suitable for all businesses, big or small. Best part, you need not hire skilled personnel to run our software. These are easy to use and customize. Still not sure? Well, let us make your life easy. Go for the Trial Pack and checkout the potential of our products. We are sure you will like it!

What Monocomsoft can do for
Your Business ?


Mail Extraction Platform

A pocket-friendly useful tool for small businesses to generate new leads and create outreach by email.


Email Finder

Increase sales by gathering email and phone contacts of prospects from the web and local database.


Database Parsing

Unlock your local database with the help of our sophisticated parsing software tool.


Mass Email Sending

Send unlimited e-mailers to your customers, employees, dealers or suppliers.


Phone and Email Marketing Software

Extract unlimited personal and business emails, phone numbers and other useful data to reach out to hundreds of targeted prospects. Email finder is a powerful suite of lead generation tools.


Phone & Email Extractor

A powerful business contacts finder to build free mailing and phone numbers list of targeted sales prospects.



Mailbox Email Address Extractor

Get email contacts from popular mailbox and generate your own business leads.



File Data Extractor

All In One emails and phone numbers mining software tool for email marketing campaign.


Top Selling Email Marketing Tools


Advanced Gmail Email Extractor

List emails from multiple Gmail user accounts for an effective customer outreach.


Advanced Web Email Extractor

Gather free emails from internet and build a strong pipeline of leads for email campaigns.


File Email Extractor

Database parsing is now a click away, collect emails from pdf, word, excel or text files.

Why Choose Us ?

We are a team of innovative minds who understand specific customer needs. Every business is unique and so we build software that helps you customize and automate your daily tasks.

Our software can dig deep into infinite number of contact details to offer you with the best leads at a break neck speed. We ensure your staff have an easy time using the software with simple instructions. Run the software, feed in the parameters and grab a cup of coffee while our intelligent software serves you with a whole list of phone numbers and emails filtering out duplicates and random numeric values.

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Our products are malware free and safe to use.

All our products and services are privacy protected.

Our products are well received by customers.

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Monocomsoft is an innovative software company building next-generation B2C products using cutting edge technologies based upon powerful automation. At Monocomsoft, our team of IT professionals are passionately developing software applications that helps in boosting productivity, marketing strategies and cuts down on manual efforts to keep you more focused and way ahead of your competitors by adding new customers and retaining existing to your customer base.

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