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LinkedIn Profile Search Tool

LinkedIn Profile Search Tool is a linkedin scraper to search publicly available LinkedIn resumes. Recruiters will now be able to find all resumes in a single boolean search through this LinkedIn sourcing tool. It's fast, smart and unique LinkedIn Profile Scraper.

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Product Overview

LinkedIn Profile Scraper is a social media recruiting software for X-ray search LinkedIn people online. Whether you are hiring for a senior management leadership role or it is a niche hiring, it works like a resume parser for all the public LinkedIn profiles on the web. LinkedIn data scraper software employs a progressive programming and design concept to help recruiters create multiple search strings for any job position to find resume data like designation, current employer, current location and skills summary in one place. Its in-app UI allows users to view all search results in a single tab. Thus, drastically reducing the amount of time spent on sourcing resumes so that recruiters can spend quality time on candidate engagement instead. This App also comes with an email address finder and verifier. You can easily find email ids of the linkedIn candidates by clicking on the email finder.

LinkedIn Profiles Search

Find LinkedIn resumes instantly.

Boolean Search String

Create multiple boolean search strings for a single JD.

Email Verifier

Find email addresses from Linkedin profiles.

In-App Profile Browser

View all resumes in the App itself.

Single App for everything

Single screen for resume sourcing, listing and complete view of candidate profile.

File Saving Options

Save search results data as .csv, excel or .txt file.

How it is Beneficial for
Your Business ?

One Stop Solution

Find suitable linkedin profiles, Screen resumes and save the search results.

Less Expensive

Less costly and inremental value for customers.

Online Resume Database

Get access to complete database of online resumes.

Niche Hiring

Works exceptionally great for niche profiles and leadership hiring.

Data Management

Why Should you Choose LinkedIn Profile Search Tool ?

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Value for Money

It is affordable and feature rich.

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Worldwide Database

Get access to the entire online resume database.

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Fast & Accurate

Built to work as single app, fetches accurate and relevant search results.

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Easy Upgrade

Free software upgrade for licensed users.

Simple & Flexible Pricing

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How to install linkedin profile search tool on Windows and MacOS?

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How to use Linkedin Profile Search Tool?



1. Download software Click Here

2. Install and Open Software


3. Enter Email ID & Password and click on Login to access app workspace.

4. If you are new user just click on "New User Signup Here" link to open Registration Form.


5. Enter your Name & Email ID and click on "Get Verification Code" button to get a OTP code on your email.

6. Fill required details along with "Verification Code" and click on "SIGNUP" to register as an active user.

NOTE: A single account works across all monocomsoft apps.

Add Profile Search Query and Press Start :


Click on Modify Search



Click 'Save' to export extracted data to .txt files or .csv files.


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