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MS Mailbox Email Extractor

MS Mailbox Email Extractor is an email extraction tool designed to extract emails from imap mail box, webmail, cloud mail, gmail, yahoo, outlook, hotmail and other business email accounts. It allows users to parse multiple folders like inbox, sent, and personal folders to extract emails from mail headers: TO, BCC, CC, FROM and Email Body Text.

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Product Overview

MS Mailbox Email Address Extractor is a desktop email gathering tool to extract emails from all popular email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.com, Hotmail, IMAP/POP mail servers, webmail, cloud and business email accounts. With its all-in-one extraction software, users no longer need to purchase individual email extractor software. Instead, they can simply log in and collect all emails at once, saving time and effort. Custom features such as custom date, seen and unseen options allow users to parse specific email contacts and build a verified mailing list. This tool is a must-have for leads generation, as it helps to create sales funnels and prospects lists. The Mailbox Extractor is trusted and widely used by all businesses due to its reliability and effectiveness. With its user-friendly interface, this tool simplifies the email extraction process and allows users to extract emails from multiple mailboxes with ease. It is a cost-effective solution used by businesses of all sizes looking to build their email lists and improve their marketing efforts.

Extract Emails From Multiple Mailbox

Its an email address extractor for imap, webmail, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook and Microsoft mail accounts.

All In One Email Extraction Tool

Gather email ids from all types of imap mailboxes.

Remove Duplicate Emails

Duplicate and incorrect emails are auto-filtered through unique in-built custom filters.

Extract Particular Emails using Custom Dates

Say Good Bye to manual sorting of emails. Extract and save emails from particular time periods.

Filter Email Lists

Auto filters is a unique and smart feature with plenty of data filteration shotcuts to create a unified email list.

Multiple File Saving Options

Save email lists as .csv, excel or .txt file.

How it is Beneficial for
Your Business ?

Multi Mailbox Extractor

All Mailbox Email Extractor to add and extract many mailboxes at once.

Saves Time & Efforts

It is feature-rich and swiftly extracts of all mailboxes at once to saves a lot of time and reduce manual efforts.

Data Protection & Security

Being a desktop extraction tool, it provides users total control over data and its security

Activate & Deactivate Licence Key

You can activate and deactivate the license key on any machine using manage users feature in the software tool.

Data Management

Why Should you Choose MS Mailbox Email Address Extractor ?

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Value for Money

It is highly affordable and offers incremental value.

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All Mailbox Email Extraction Tool

Extract all your mailboxes with a single mailbox extractor tool.

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Fast & Accurate

Get millions of accurate and non-duplicate emails in minutes.

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Easy Upgrade

Free software upgrade for licensed users.

Simple & Flexible Pricing

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Order with Confidence

Get instant license key over email on successful payment and 7 days money back guarantee.

How to install MS Mailbox Email Address Extractor on Windows and MacOS ?

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Data Management

Mailbox Data Scraper Comparison

  • Extract Email Addresses
  • Extract from Email Headers
  • Extract from Email Text
  • Extract Date wise
  • Extract Seen/Unseen
  • Extract from Google Accounts
  • Extract from Hotmail Accounts
  • Extract from Yahoo Accounts
  • Extract from Outlook.com Accounts
  • Extract from MS Outlook Profiles
  • Extract from PST Files
  • Data Cleanup Utility
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to TXT

Product General FAQs

Mailbox email address extractor is a single extractor app for multiple email accounts to gather emails from webmail accounts such as; Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and outlook.com at one place and export in a single excel file.

Visit our product help page for video tutorials on how to effectively use mailbox email address extractor software.

Monocomsoft Mailbox email address extractor quickly extracts emails from multiple accounts, inbox, To field, BCC field, CCC field and Custom folders with high accuracy.

Yes, You can choose custom dates to extract particular emails exchanged between selected dates and periods.

Yes, you can gather emails in a single csv or excel and save it in local drive or folder.

Yes, you can add and extract emails from multiple email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, outlook mail or any mail server.

No, there is no limit. It can extract unlimited emails.

Yes, you need to enable app passwords to use this software. Please refer to the section how to create app passwords.

Mailbox Extractor can extract large size multiple mailboxex in a single task.

We accept any software customization or feature addition through our website contact or In-App contact form.

Video Tutorial & Help Manuals

How to extract emails from multiple Webmail and Imap Mail Servers?

  • Step 1 : First of all Download Setup File
  • Step 2 : Run setup file and open the app
  • Step 3 : Enter "Email ID" & "Password" and click "Login" button to access app workspace.


  • Step 1 : Click "New User Signup Here" link to open Registration Form.
  • login-page-monocomsoft

    Step 2 : Enter the Name, Email Id and Click "Get OTP Code".

    Step 3 :
    Create new Password and it should be 6 or more chars including 1 special char and 1 upper case.

    Step 4 : Enter OTP Code which you received in your mailbox.

    Step 5 : Click "SIGNUP" button to register your account.

  • Note : You can add any Mailbox Account like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail and all other mailboxes which can be opened in Webmail.

    Step 1 : Click "Add" button from toolbar to open Add Email Account.
    Step 2 : Enter "Email Address"
    Step 3a : Please enter the Password for your email account associated with any mailbox, except for Gmail and Yahoo
    Step 3b : To retrieve emails from your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account you will need to generate an 'App Password' by logging into your email account settings and following the instructions provided by the email service provider.
    Step 4 : Enter your "Imap Server" if you are using webmail accounts.
    Step 5 : Click "Verify Credentials & Load Folder" button.
    Step 6 : Enter "Select Folders" and press ADD button.

  • login-page-monocomsoft
    Step 7 : Click "Start" button from toolbar to start email extraction.

  • Note : You can run filter out extracted data by emails domain, user and subjects.

    Step 1 : Click "Filter" menu from toolbar.
    Step 2 : Click "Filter Email List" sub menu to load advanced filter dialog.
    Step 3 : Select and use any required filter and click "APPLY" button.

  • login-page-monocomsoft

  • Step 1 : Click "Help" menu from menubar.
    Step 2 : Click "Register App" sub menu to open registration window.
    Step 3 : If you already have a license key go to next step otherwise Click "ORDER NOW" to purchase a license key.
    Step 4 : Enter "License Key" and press "REGISTER" button.
    Step 5 : Click "File" menu and hover to "Save Emails" and click any menu item to save emails.

  • login-page-monocomsoft

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