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Web Phone and Email Extractor

Our Web Phone & Email Extractor can get you the initial traction by providing verified business leads from countless webpages and URLs. Built for lead generation with most advanced filters for optimized search, it parses business emails and phone contacts from large number of online social platforms and websites.

What Makes MONOCOMSOFT'S Web Phone & Email Extractor Unique ?
Fast Data Extractor

Fast enough to extract emails and phone numbers from multiple websites in no time.

Advance Data Filter

Equipped with an Advanced Data Filter to refine and clean a list of extracted emails and phone numbers.

User Friendly Interface

Seamless & easy to use interface with understandable and defined steps to run Web Phone and Email Extractor smoothly.

Save Extracted Data

Extracted emails and numbers can be saved in .txt/.csv format easily & can be operated on MS Excel.


Work smarter with powerful automation

  • Automate the entire process of email and number extraction.

  • Process hundreds and thousands of websites/URLs in no time.

  • Refine & filter out unwanted data through an advance filter module

Extract Email Ids

Extract emails from several web pages in an automated batch method.

Filter Phone Numbers 

Optimize, refine, and clean extracted phone numbers by their length and format as required prior to exporting them. 

Extract Phone Numbers

Extract phone numbers from several websites and URLs in a single batch process. 

Save as .txt

Optimized and cleaned email extracted list can be saved to a .txt file that can be opened and operated in notepad seamlessly.

Filter Emails

Refine & filter out extracted emails by user & domain name as specified prior to saving them.

Save as .csv

The extracted email list can be saved to a .csv file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel without any hassle.

Simple And Flexible Pricing

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How to use Web Phone & Email Extractor ?



Click On "More info" .


Now click on "Run anway".


We are registered and verified publisher with the name of Monocomsoft but some users may see this Defender SmartScreen as a result of false positive detection. Just follow the above mentioned steps to complete the installation. You can Know more about Defender SmartScreen on Microsoft official SmartScreen faqs page :


1. Download software Click Here

2. Install and Open Software


3. Enter Email ID & Password and click on Login to access app workspace.

4. If you are new user just click on "New User Signup Here" link to open Registration Form.


5. Enter your Name & Email ID and click on "Get Verification Code" button to get a OTP code on your email.

6. Fill required details along with "Verification Code" and click on "SIGNUP" to register as an active user.

NOTE: A single account works across all monocomsoft apps.

Choose what you want to extract 'Email Ids' or 'Phone Numbers'.


1. Enter website url or paste url list manually.


2.Click 'Load' to fetch and list urls from a file


3. Select file and click 'Open'


Click 'Filter' to open advance filter dialog to cleanup extracted data. You can filter emails by domain and user name. Also you can filter emails and phone numbers by content.


Click 'Save' to export extracted data to .txt files or .csv files.


Get started with our free trial and experience one of the fastest web phone & email extractors available in the market.

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