How to Create and Grow Mailing List ?


Well, if you thought that creating a mailing list is a one-time task, that is not the case. Emails become obsolete as users change organisations or stop using their existing mailing addresses.

You need to update your mailing list at regular intervals to ensure that you have a steady and growing customer base interested in your products and services. It is important because engaged email readers can help you expand the business.

As per a recent survey, 59% of the customers make their decisions based on the marketing emails while 80% of the businesses state that email marketing has improved their customer retention rate.

Before we start checking out how you can grow the mailing list, let us re-visit the basics-

A mailing or emailing list is a database of email ids, name, gender, location and age of the user. Now let us checkout some of the most effective ways to create and grow the mailing list:

Use Web Email Extractor

The power of web is infinite as it is a free treasure house of unlimited data. Use this information to grow your mailing list fast.

The Web Email Extractor is an advanced software that helps you collect email address available on URLs, web pages and websites. These email addresses are available on public database and hence it is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your mailing lists.

Purchase a software that allows you to funnel down the details and optimise your search. A web email extractor is an essential tool for building a prospective buyer list.

Use The Sign Up Technique

How about you ask your visitors to provide their email addresses? This can be one of the easiest ways to grow your mailing list. When you have visitors on your website ask them to sign up.

There are online tools available with the feature in which when a user visits the website they get the prompt to sign up on the landing page. Once they have entered the required details, you can gather the same to create the mailing list.

To convince the users to sign up, offer discounts, e-book access or free content after successful registration. Another approach is to provide a section of the content to all users and the rest of the content, tips and advice once they register with their email addresses. This approach will help you get more mailing addresses.

Mailing tips

Create Interesting Content

Now the question is, why will users subscribe to your content? Well, they will if your website content is interesting and useful. So give special attention to the quality of the content that you are posting on the website.

The content should be detailed and easy to understand. When users visit your website and find the blogs and articles informative, they might decide to subscribe to get the content delivered regularly on their email addresses. Hence providing you with their email ids.

Another benefit of getting interested subscribers is, they will forward the content to their acquaintances, who might in turn subscribe, and this in turn will lead to an automatic process of growing mailing list.

Encourage Shares

Make sharing easy by adding email sharing button to your blogs and articles. As the readers share the articles on other email addresses, you get access to email addresses of just not the readers but also of their networks, friends and colleagues.

Furthermore, add a subscribe button below each article so that the readers receiving the forwarded emails can also subscribe to the future blogs and articles.

Verify the Existing Mailing List

Do not scrap off your old mailing list without validating. Send an opt-in email to all the users of the existing mailing list. Keep the email ids of the users who respond to your email, delete the rest.

This will save you from the hassle of creating a mailing list from the scratch.

Resort to Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be great tools to get inputs for your mailing lists. These are cost free ways to highlight your e-books and newsletters to users and invite them to sign up for regular informative and promotional emails.

You can also organise online contests on these social media platforms to enable users visit your websites and sign up for the contest using their email ids.

Offline Data Collection

Last but not the least, do not forget the shoppers at your retail stores. Traditional shopping is still a big part of the market. Utilise the footfall in your retail stores to improve the mailing list.

Encourage your store visitors to subscribe to brand emails to know about new collections, notifications on product availability that are currently out of stock or to get their bills and transaction details directly in their emails.

data Collection

Trade shows are also a great source to grow your mailing list. Besides selling to customers, you can request them to sign up for email newsletters to get further updates on the upcoming products.

Most of the online users prefer getting sales information on emails rather than on calls and hence there are high chances of getting subscribers through this approach.

Retain Subscribers

Now just adding new email ids will not grow your mailing list. You need to retain the existing subscribers as well. For this, try to segregate your email subscribers as per their interests.

Send targeted email content so that these are useful to the recipients. This will not only reduce the probability of un-subscription but also increase the conversion rate and visits to your site.

Some brands even go ahead and ask the users on what kind of content they are interested in. This increases the personal bonding between the business and the consumer and also helps them decide the right content for the right consumer.

Do not lose on the potential of adding prospective new buyers through mailing lists. Even in 2022, it is one of the most effective strategies for digital marketing.

Use advanced software and the above tips to optimally utilise the digital power to build your online presence and boost sales.